Baby Harlen and Richie| Home for the Holidays| Girls with Pearls Photography

Over the holidays my little family of three traveled to Texas to spend Christmas with my family. Of course we were all excited to see everyone but I was *mostly excited to see my new little nephew again!

I luff him!!

I luff him!!

My mother loves us all so very much but in our absence she also loves her dogs (a little bit more) so they also get many Christmas presents. . . One of which was a new TEMPERPEDIC dog bed for Toby’s aching joints.  I asked very nicely if I could borrow it and I’m pretty sure he didn’t care much.  Not wanting to make a huge production, I just set it by a window and threw an old curtain I found over it so it was less dog bed-ie.

Harley didn’t seem to mind, though he was slightly frightened at first 🙂

"Whaaaat is going on here?"

“Whaaaat is going on here?”

Richie wasn’t sure what to do at first either. I told him to just lay next to him and tell him a story or something but then Harley decided to relieve a little pressure. . . we all giggled.

"yeah, that was someone over there"

“yeah, that was someone over there”

Richie wanted to hold Harlen so I layed him on his chest. Harley was snuggling into position and Richie was trying to figure to what to do next . . . Then Harley tried to nurse on his shirt pocket!

"something doesn't taste right"

“something doesn’t taste right”

Then. THEN. Then they both relaxed and be still my heart!

"this feels nice :)"

“this feels nice :)”

I just love them both so much.



My little impromptu dog-bed session that lasted all of twenty minutes (not counting diaper changing time) will forever be so special to me . . . I guess my mother and sister can share in this too. I guess 😉


xoxo – Jamie



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