My little sister had a baby: GWP birth photography

Everybody knows that babies only work on their own schedules. Well my sweet little nephew, Harlen Michael Broussard, was no exception . . . he made his way into this world a little early but not before I was able to make the nine hour (8 @ 80) drive from Tulsa to Houston. Alicia (Ah-lee-see-ah or ah-lee-sha, my sister) called me around 3:30 PM on 11.07.2014 and after picking up Richie, fixing dinner/packing road trip food and grabbing my baby sister, Kristin, I got on the road around 7:30 PM. Silly me thought that it was a good idea to wake up early that morning and have coffee with my husband so I had already been up since before 6 AM. . . I am NOT a morning person.

When we arrived, Alicia’s contractions were still several minutes apart and getting stronger. She had been at it since she called me the afternoon before. . . She was also going au’natural! We had made a pact months prior to this time to not let her breakdown and get the drugs unless things took a turn for the worse. I thought that was a simple job but as the morning progressed it was getting harder and harder to watch her in pain.

The delivery room quickly turned into a family affair. We took turns fanning her, holding hands and adding support to her feet as the contractions grew stronger. Alicia’s husband, Chris never left her side.

a family affair

a family affair

Dad helped out too :)

Dad helped out too 🙂

"yes, i'm having a GREAT time" - Alicia

“yes, i’m having a GREAT time” – Alicia

I know your having a baby but first “Lemme take a selfie”

I know your having a baby but first "Lemme take a selfie"

She was very impressed.


Our Mom also never left her side.

2014-12-12_0001 2014-12-12_0003

Things were starting to get more intense so the Doctor came into check the progression . . . Dad had to wait behind the curtain 🙂


This is Julie, Chris’ mom . . . She gave his hand a break from the death grip for a couple minutes . . . but only a couple!


2014-12-12_0006The contractions were right on top of each other and really starting to take a toll on Alicia. Chris reassured her that she’s got this . . . she snapped back with a quick response but I will leave what was said up to your imagination 🙂


This was the point of no return. . . She was starting to beg for drugs and I had to uphold my end of the bargain and tell her no. It was HARD.  I didn’t want to see her in pain but I also didn’t want her to be disappointed in herself.  Her birth plan was already shot due to high blood pressure and an uncooperative pelvic bone. Chris was her rock and we were her warriors.

So sweet.

So sweet.

Even looking at the pictures now I can still hear us chanting in unison . . . “Push Push Pushhhhhhhh. You got this. You are so strong, I am so proud of you.”


2014-12-12_0015 2014-12-12_0016

She was so tired. She had been hard pushing for hours and little Harlen had barely moved an inch. The room started to fall quiet because we were out of words. We were all scared.  I know I was fighting back tears.  Kristin (our baby sister) had to leave the room. Then the doctor told her to give it all she’s got just one more time . . . We all held our breath.

"you've got this"

“you’ve got this”

I forgot to mention early on that we had no idea if Harlen was a boy or a girl! Alicia and Chris wanted to be surprised . . .No one had a clue! I love Chris’ first reactions . . . “it’s a boy! It’s a boy!” . . . Now pay close attention to my mothers first reaction on the right hand side of the larger image below. I still can’t look at it with out laughing 🙂

It's a boy!!

It’s a boy!!

We were all a hot mess by this point.  It was after 9 AM and crying seemed to be all I could do . . . Well that and attempt to focus my camera on Chris while he cut the cord. Which I failed at :-/ 2014-12-12_0024

"We did it"

“We did it”


What a great team they made 🙂

2014-12-12_0020 2014-12-12_0022

I LOVE this next shot(s). So much emotion. It makes me tear up. . . my little sister is a mom.

2014-12-12_0021 2014-12-12_0034

Yep! He is perfect 🙂


tiny feets

tiny feets

Proud Daddy

Proud Daddy

Proud Grandpa

Proud Grandpa

Proud Papa

Proud Papa

Proud Yaya

Proud Yaya

I love his perfectly round face here.

hello world.

hello world.

After getting a few hours sleep and taking a very hot shower we came back to the hospital to see our new little cherub again . . . and bring momma some chocolate 🙂

2014-12-12_0037 2014-12-12_0038

My Dad sometimes has little hairs that poke out above his ears after a long day, then we noticed little Harlen had the same problem . . . runs in the family I guess 🙂


The next few frames were snapped with in seconds of each other . . . Everyone knows babies are a little indecisive.


“stop! I don’t like that. Oh wait, maybe I . . . zzzzzz”

Check out these tiny feet!



There she is! What a warrior she is.  She grew a human inside her body and brought him into this world after almost 20 hours of hard, drug free labor. So proud of her.


I leave you with this last image because it just makes me laugh.  Newborns aren’t always the sweet quiet beings we imagine them to be . . . besides the on and off crying they make the funniest noises and if you have ever spent time with a newborn you can hear the grunt sounds Harlen is making in the image below 🙂


I am so glad I was able to make it in time to Houston and experience the birth of my sweet little nephew.  It was so hard to leave him the next day! Alicia sends me #bbgram s from time to time to keep me quiet.  But honestly I absolutely cannot wait until Christmas!! This year we get to celebrate in Texas with my family and I have so many kisses and hugs to shower him with.  I can’t wait for the family time, the good food and keeping traditions alive.


xoxo – Jamie




2 thoughts on “My little sister had a baby: GWP birth photography

  1. One of the best days and nights of my life. Well worth the numerous hours in the waiting area on the very comfortable couches provided by the hospital. Well done Alicia… Well done. Christmas is gonna be epic! Love, Dad


  2. Jamie, this is so beautiful! Not only did you capture all of those incredible moments in photos, but, with your words as well. What an amazing event it was, and as tired as she was, Alicia was a trooper to the end. Chris was there, loving her through it and reminding her that she could do it…and in a whirlwind of an instant, Baby Harlen entered this world!

    Julie, now known as Grammy JuJu


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