Downtown Tulsa Family Session: The Porter Family

Kraig and Christine Porter have two of the cutest kids you’ll ever meet . . . and their personalities are even cuter! Last weekend I met them, Reece and Jack in downtown Tulsa for a family session.

Reece was a little reluctant at first.

Reece and her hair

Reece and her hair

BUT, Mom was able to warm her up a bit. . .

Mommy and Reecie

Mommy and Reecie

While Dad and Jack just chilled for a bit . . .


Jack and Dad

The weather was perfect and allowed for a lot of sweet smiles . . . and a few funny faces!


Happy Family :)

Happy Family 🙂


Reece was singing "Let is go" to me here. . . So sweet!

Reece was singing “Let is go” to me here. . . So sweet!

I just love this turquoise wall in downtown Tulsa!

Love this!

Love this!

Kraig and Christine were high school sweethearts. They are pretty cute together, huh?!

2014-05-31_00052014-05-31_0006The kids let us know that they were getting hungry so we opted for a change of scenery closer to where they were going for dinner.  The only problem was that we could smell the food . . . so the begging and pleading commenced. I was begging for smiles, they were begging for nachos and Mom was begging for everyone to be looking the same direction.

They promised to smile “really” good for the next few . . .

I can almost hear the "cheese" when I look at these! But it was being said in a very deep voice . . . you know the "I'm about done, get your camera outta my face" voice :)

I can almost hear the “cheese” when I look at these! But it was being said in a very deep voice . . . you know the “I’m about done, get your camera outta my face” voice 🙂 They crack me up!

Reece looked just perfect sitting on the stairs.

Pretty girl Reece

I really love that her skinned knee is showing in this shot.

I promised the kids that we were almost finished but first I needed a few shots of the two of them together. . . It started off okay!



Then I just couldn’t stop laughing. I asked Reece to give Jack a kiss and well like most brothers he said no. Then he said okay. Then he wiped it off on her!

No Kisses!

No Kisses!

I decided to try something different but Jack informed me that afterwards we had to do his idea. Deal.



THIS is my favorite little composite of the session.  Jack was being silly, Reece was annoyed and then they both made silly faces. Jack’s silly face came with sound effects and I told him that he sounded like a zombie . . . then they turned into zombies.



One more silly face with Mom 🙂

fishy face!

fishy face!

Now it is Jacks turn . . . He wanted to show me his muscles and that he can make his underarm make “fart” noises.

"eeeww Jack"

“eeeww Jack”

“Okay guys . . . Just one more shot then we can go eat!”2014-05-31_0018

“Reece, are you ready for nachos?”



I had such a great time with this beautiful family! Thank you Kraig and Christine for the fun evening 🙂

You can view the rest of the session HERE

xoxo – Jamie


Love. Love. Love.

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