Spring Decor|Easter Mantle|Preserved Boxwood Wreath

It’s Spring!!!! Finally!!!!!

It was time to bust out the Easter decorations…..except I had none. A quick trip to Target, an arrival of a previous order from decorsteals.com, a few things gathered from my trusty decoration stash and a various items I already had laying around the house and viola! here’s what I ended up with.


Spring Mantle, Easter Mantle

Spring Mantle, Easter Mantle

The preserved boxwood wreath is my favorite thing ever of all time.  I’ve wanted one for so long because they are super versatile for any season. The problem is I’m cheap and preserved boxwood wreaths….well they aren’t.  Sometimes you can luck out and find them at Home Goods but you literally have to be standing in the isle as the associate puts it out….I’m not joking.  So when I got my “deal of the day” in my inbox and it was a preserved boxwood wreath I bought that sucker before they were all gone (which they were just a few short hours later).

If you don’t know what decorsteals.com is you are missing out.  It’s a really great website for chic vintage decor on the cheap.  They find really cool stuff and then offer it to their customers at a cheaper price than you can find it anywhere else. You get a new “deal of the day” in your inbox every morning and it’s always something fabulous.  I just bought something amazing today and when it comes in I’ll share it.  They are amazing and I can’t wait to put them up!

So go sign up and use this link to get $5 off https://www.decorsteals.com/referafriend/?bl=cmFjaGVsQGdpcmxzd3BlYXJscy5jb20%3D



p.s. the porcelain bunny and the burlap bunny bunting are from Target.  The wooden eggs are from Hobby Lobby.


4 thoughts on “Spring Decor|Easter Mantle|Preserved Boxwood Wreath

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