Washinton Ave. Engagement Session: Christine & Matt!

We have played on Washington but never worked . . . so when Christine and Matt wanted to give it a try, we said why not!



I love this little spot . . .

This was my favorite part of the session.  We stopped at Catalina Coffee for some refreshments and to get out of the heat for a bit. . . we didn’t intend on shooting here but once we were inside we just couldn’t help ourselves! Not to mention they have a very friendly staff and BEST coffee!

Seriously! I love this!!!




I’m not gonna lie . . . I was concerned that we could come upon a crime scene when we ventured out into the field.  Thankfully it was all clear . . . well at least our  area was!


We had so much fun! Matt and Christine treated us to dinner and drinks afterwards at Beavers . . . it was very delicious and has become a favorite spot of mine . . . I love the BBQ Tofu!!

Love. Love. Love.

The Girls



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