Ashton Gardens Wedding: Stefanie & Nick! Girls with Pearls Photography

Before the wedding Rachel and I shot Stefanie’s bridal session in the Market Street are of The Woodlands and visited Hotel Avia too! It was a gorgeous day and we were able to get some really great stuff before being run off by MSP (market street police).

Here are a few faves:

Now for the wedding! My latest trend seems to be that once a year I get very ill. . . and this year was no different. I was just getting over pneumonia and completed my bed rest the Friday before the wedding.  I was bored out of my mind sitting at home and could not wait to get out and shoot! I know we always say we love our jobs and we also always say it’s true . . . but it really is! Being a wedding photographer is very rewarding.  Rachel and I invest a lot of time and energy into our clients and it is a big deal to us to come full circle and shoot the wedding of a couple we have grown close to. Stefanie and Nick were no exception to this. They are wonderful people inside and out and we have loved getting to know them. Now for the goods . . .Everything was held at the beautiful Ashton Gardens and the celebrations were planned perfectly and ran very smooth . . . William at Bella Videography did all the video aaaaand Rachel and I of Girls with Pearls photography were the wedding photographers!

Stef secured some family heirlooms to her bouquet in memory of special loved ones.

I am not sure but, I think she is excited!

Nick wrote Stefanie the sweetest letter . . .

See! even the girls cried 🙂

Grrrrrrrr . . .

Don’t you just love her shoes??!

What sweet little ladies 🙂

Introducing . . . Mr. and Mrs. Wurtz!

These two laugh ALL the time!

Stef with her Daddy . . .

Nick and his Momma . . .

See . . . They even laugh while cutting the cake!

Here is Nick doing his Aggie thing . . .

And Stef getting her Longhorn on . . .

What’s that at the top of my frame??

Why, it is Texas‘ biggest fan that’s who!

I would just like to thank William with Bella Videography for supplying all the video lights and allowing us to get such awesome shots!


We had such a great time celebrating right along with you guys! Thanks for being awesome.

. . . and for all you “awesome” dancers out there, you’re welcome 🙂

I decided to only let the password holders view your awesome skillz once they are posted online.

Don’t forget the slide show . . .

Love. Love. Love.

The Girls


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