Galveston Wedding / Sacred Heart Church / Brian & Audrey!

I am so excited to write this blog! Last year Rachel and I traveled to my hometown of Kingsville, Tx for my 10 year high school reunion.  We went to lunch one afternoon and met a few of my old girlfriends for what I thought was a little reminiscing and pizza. . .  the latter half of our luncheon had turned into a pop quiz session for Rachel and I . . . Audrey and Brian . . . Well mostly just Brian  . . . was peppering us with all the hard questions.  After about 30-45 minutes Audrey leaned in and said “p.s. this is an interview and judging by the look on his face you guys are doing well.” I thought yeah right! We never get asked this stuff!!

Well a couple of weeks later this bubbly couple came into our office to finalize all the formalities and the rest is history!

Rachel and I took Audrey to Hotel Galvez for her bridal session.  She was so nervous! and we couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for us.  I graduated with Audrey and just the same as all those years ago I found myself laughing until tears filled my eyes.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The orange shoes were perfect! Bright and fun, just like Audrey 🙂

Then the big day came . . . and it was full of surprises.  Audrey always joked that she was never going to be a problem throughout the planning process and that Brian was the one to watch out for.  He was her “groom-zilla” as she so lovingly put it. But he did great . . . as every groom should. He took on most of the stress of the big day and handled everything like a pro.  When the wine showed up way past schedule . . . no big deal! Bryan handled it and the day went on but then the flowers arrived and were all wrong . . . they wanted fun and bright and lots of ORANGE and they initially got tons of WHITE . . . with orange ribbon! But no problem . . . this time Audrey’s Mom and Dad got involved and loaded up the suburban with the blanco extravaganza and went to see the man in charge.  All the while Audrey knew it would all work out. . . She knew that if Mom and Dad couldn’t fix it, Brian would.

I met Brian and his boys in his suite at the Galvestonian and we snapped off a few before heading to meet up with the girls.

It was such a GORGEOUS day!

Rachel was with the Girls at the Harbor House Hotel.

At our initial meeting Audrey mentioned not having too much luck with finding a dress so we recommended that she pop into Brick House Bridal and give it a try and she called us the next afternoon in squeals of delight because she had found THE dress 🙂

I love this tender moment between sisters.

Pictures are very important to these two and since we are forced to work around the sun’s schedule they opted to do a reveal.  For those of you that don’t know, a reveal is a special/private moment between the bride and groom on the day of their wedding where they see each other before the ceremony.  I personally love reveals! I know, we are well aware of the tradition of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time as she makes her way down the aisle but sometimes it is hard to focus on the moment. You find yourself smiling and winking at Grandma Ruth in the front row or you lose it once you look up and see your Mother crying her eyes out.  When you get to the altar you have to stand there next to the person you love more than any other in the whole world and wait . . . and wait . . . and wait. THEN you get to turn to each other and declare your love and kiss and then you are whisked off to 300 of your closest friends and families open arms and it is sometimes hours before you are able to privately talk and kiss and take in the moment.  Some couples love this and it is all part of the fun but the others opt to do a reveal.

No one was around but Audrey and Brian . . . and the GWP’s of course 🙂 I returned to the Harbor House Hotel and we set Audrey up the main breeze way . . .

. . .with her back to Brian, we were ready and gave him the all clear.  He came around the corner and greeted his teary eyed bride.

I love this next picture.  Audrey was a ball of nerves and so anxious to see Brian and just as she started to cry he walked into the frame.

Then we started on our group shots and had some fun!

The Ceremony was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church . . . This church is so beautiful!

Finally the flowers arrived with minutes to spare 🙂

This is Valerie.  Audrey and Val have been inseparable since the beginning of time . . . Truly BFF’s!

Patiently waiting . . .

Brian and Audrey:

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your big day.  Thank you for the beautiful pearl bracelets and all the kind words you have sent our way .  We had a blast working with the two of you and are sad that it is all over 😦 but we always have our cocktail viewing!

Love. Love. Love

The Girls

p.s. here is the link to their slide show:

p.p.s. Here is one of the cutest little girls EVER!


4 thoughts on “Galveston Wedding / Sacred Heart Church / Brian & Audrey!

  1. Beautiful Bride? Check!
    Handsome Groom? Check!

    Thanks Jamie and Rachel! You are both so talented and we were so lucky to have you shoot our day! Can’t wait until you shoot our kids…and by that I mean, camera shots!


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