And Baby Makes Three…

I would like to introduce Nolan….

This sweet little guy was born to Doug and Cara Home.  Jamie and I met Doug through our former BNI group.  Doug was one of the only people in the group who laughed at our jokes and appreciated my sarcasm, so of course we liked him immediately.  His wife Cara is way cool and now that I’ve met her I can definitely refer to her as Doug’s “better half”.

Let me just give a little back story about how Nolan came to be.  If anyone deserves a child it is Doug and Cara.  They literally went through hell and back just to conceive him.  Not to mention what Cara had to go through just to carry and deliver him.  She can explain it better so check out her blog here.

Nolan stayed awake for most of the session, and fell asleep for a little while at the end.  Also, Jamie may or may not have been pooped and peed on…

I looooove baby feet!

Thank you so much Doug and Cara for inviting us into your home and letting us meet your sweet, sweet baby boy!

Nolan’s slide show

The Girls


2 thoughts on “And Baby Makes Three…

  1. Thank you both for doing such a wonderful job shooting Nolan! Your work is amazing and we are so lucky to have these beautiful photos to remember our perfect little boy!


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