My little sister gets married!

A few weeks ago I wore many hats . . . of course I was a photographer (as was Rachel, duh! Like we do anything apart!), I was a “wedding coordinator” (not a very good one!), I was also a family member of the bride. In the end everything worked out great . . . it was just getting there that was the hard part!

I was never worried about the pictures, I knew that if I wasn’t able to get something myself that Rachel already had my back and covered it . . . It is so great to not only be able to work with one of my best friends but to also have peace of mind and confidence in knowing that we are always there . . . in every aspect!  I will say the only pictures I was worried about were the pictures that I was in! you see . . . because I was running around before the wedding doing everything under the sun I didn’t have the time I would have preferred to get ready . . . soooooo pretty much I hid from her camera until she yelled at me 🙂

When ever we meet with a new client one of the first things we ask is, who is your coordinator?! Aaaaand since we have had so much wedding experience I really thought that was something that I could handle . . . wrong! Never again will I attempt to coordinate an event! Everything worked out great  but behind the scenes I was a mess! Talk about stressful! Girls . . . It is so important to have someone outside of your wedding coordinate your event! So many things happen at the last-minute and you need a professional with lots of experience to pull through and not only not break a sweat but make things seem as if nothing ever went wrong in the first place! We know plenty if you need help!

Being a family member/guest at a wedding puts a whole new perspective on things for me . . . I haven’t been a guest at a wedding that I didn’t have to do any work at in years!  Being a guest/photographer refreshed my memory of things that as a professional we might over look at times.  It reminded me that a wedding is not only a marriage between the bride and groom that it is also the coming together of two families and that sometimes it has been years since an entire family has been together.  Not that Rachel and I would cover things any different than usual but now there is a refreshed understanding behind what we shoot.  We always put our hearts into our work and after this wedding we were reminded why we do what we do and now we put even more into it.

With all that being said here is a run down of our day!

My Great Grandma Charlsie surprised us at the rehearsal and I snapped the cutest picture ever of her!

We started off at my house with the hair and make-up …

and a few details …

My sister, Alicia originally wanted to elope with her fiance’, Chris.  They never were caught up in the whole wedding hoopla, they simply just wanted to be married.  So being that they are a very private couple, Rachel and I asked them if they were interested in doing a reveal and they immediately said yes.  This way they were able to have their moment.  The time to take everything in and focus on nothing but each other with no one else around. This was a very special time and I was honored to have the opportunity to capture it.

and now we have a little time for some fun stuff!

You might think that serving our country for 25 years might harden a person . . . but the second my father layed his eyes on his “good girl” he couldn’t fight back the tears. . .

and now  . . . the ceremony.

a view from above . . .

aaaand the kiss!

a little more fun . . .

I love moments like this.

Here’s to you!

Don’t you just love cute kids @ weddings?!

Here’s another . . .

and here are couple of my son . . . he is nuts!

There is never a dull moment, that’s for sure!

and I will leave you with this golden little nugget . . . I wonder how long it will take

Rachel to figure out I posted this lovely little gem!

aaaaaand scene.

Alicia and Chris:

We love you so much! I hope you love the pictures as much as we do! . . . or at least as much as I love the last one 🙂

xoxo – The Girls


5 thoughts on “My little sister gets married!

  1. Jamie, you’re such a nerd! But I love and miss you soooo much!! Ugh! I wish we were closer! You’re pictures are amazing! Keep up the good work. And your sister was a BEAUTIFUL bride 😉


    • That is a flattering pic of Rachel’s hot bod. The pic of your dad got me too. Tear. Super glad I didnt end up in one of those dancing pics for your blog 🙂


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