Did I ever tell you about the time I got swine flu?!

Did that get your attention??! Because it is true . . . You see, Rachel and I stop at nothing to get that awesome shot  . . . even if that means crawling through the barrio.

However, we did have a blast on our journey.  It was time for my 10 year H.M. King high school reunion and since I don’t really go anywhere with out Rachel . . . she came along for the ride! We ate at all my favorite restaurants and frequented all the old hang-outs.  While we only ate at Young’s Pizza once we ate at Pizza Parlor EVERYDAY!

Our good friends Melly and David hosted our first couple of nights in town and helped me give Rachel the grand tour of good ol’ Kingsville. We visited drove all around town and visited David’s Fire house then we even stopped at Summer Snow for some delicious raspa’s! Then we hit up a few of my most favorite spots and had a little photo shoot of our own.  Kingsville is quite a historical little town and while I visit often I don’t always have my equipment with me and there are certain spots I have been dying to shoot at! But being that I also wanted to be in the pictures you’d think that might also be a problem . . . NOPE! I would just set up the shot and all the settings on my camera and Melly’s (very comical) Husband, David, did all the work! While I am pretty sure it all went straight to his head, he did a great job!

A great time was had by all and I LOVE the pictures I returned home with . . . It was great to see everyone again and enjoy my old home town and having Rachel with me made it even more special . . . awwwww now to the Swine Flu . . . I have no idea where/when I contracted it but I did.  Maybe it was crawling around in random fields taking pictures or revisiting all the old (dirty) hangouts or simply that I have the compulsive need to shake everyones hand and introduce myself.  Either way I brought home more than I had bargained for.  I felt awful and suuuuuuper tired AND I was quarantined in my home for about 2 weeks . . . and In that time we even had a wedding! I didn’t attend of course and Thank goodness we have such a good network of Professional Photographers here in Houston.  I was able to place a phone call on my way home from the Doctor’s office and with no questions asked (and no laughter either . . . that came later) Christine Tremoulet agreed to shoot in my place.  It was no small feat either.  The Wedding was held at The Second Baptist Church the Woodway Campus and the reception was at The Hilton Post Oak.

So as not scare anyone in the beginning, Rachel told everyone I had pneumonia.  I felt like it buuut that wasn’t the case!

I was really bummed out about having to sit out on the wedding.  Our couple, Kari and Nick, had booked us at the beginning of the year and I instantly fell in love with them! They are so happy together and take wonderful pictures and after having such an awesome engagement session I wanted the closure of being able to shoot their wedding . . . but that never happened! so instead I just had to re-live it in the dark room. . . Rachel and Christine did a wonderful job and Kari looked amazing!

Now here are some fun pictures from our weekend!


A little marketing!


ordering . . . and taking their time too!


Melly and David . . . so in-love!




Gotta love Summer Snow!


Rachel and I vogue-ing it up . . .


Aaaaand a few at David’s firehouse . . .





I love this Lucky Strike wall!





Do not worry . . . no animals were harmed 🙂


Isn’t this “alley” awesome?!


aaaaand we get a little silly!







If you look closely you can see our good friend Brian’s reflection in the background.


What a goof!


My childhood best friend, Angela, and her husband, Leon.


Me and my husband . . .


. . . Rachel and my husband!


Some of my dearest friends!


I thought I brought the awesome 🙂



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